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Endowed with treasures of natural beauty, Hazara region of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa is full of green mountains, mesmerizing valleys, enchanting rivers, thick natural forests and a series of attractive tourist resorts. Galyat region is among one of its most attractive summer resorts step by step unfolding panoramic views of the grandeur, the nature has so lavishly showered on this mountain range. The wonders of nature can be seen in the shape of green pine forests and along the hilly tracks where herds of monkeys freely move with no fear from any one. The changing colors of unpredictable climate during summer add to Galyat’s fascination. Storming rains and then sunshine and then patches of dark or brown clouds or occasional rainbow adoring the sky are almost daily features. Galyat comprises of Nathiagali, Dungagali, Koozagali, Ayubia, Khanspur, Khairagali and Changlagali.
The picturesque Nathiagali nestled in green mountains and thick forests is the main and well planned hill station in Galyat range of Hazara division. It is 8200 ft above sea level and is one of the most frequented resorts during summer season. Old British period cottages, chalets a small church known as St. Matthew’s Church, sprawling bungalows, parks and the magnificent colonial era Governor’s House, are its architectural features, a blend of old British and modern Pakistani constructions. Being main town, Nathiagali is the most popular of the Gallies and for those who like walking, there are numerous short walks and pony ride tracks through the pine forests. Sarhad Tourism Corporation has set up its beautiful chalets here providing comfortable boarding anf lodging to the visitors taking respite at this attractive hill station.
Only an hour’s drive take you to Thandiani, situated eastward of Abbottabad at a distance of 24 km. This small but fascinating hill station (8400 m above sea level) is a cool and comfortable place settled on a mountain. The panoramic view of nearby and distant mountains is fully visible from here. NathiaGali is clearly visible and one can see the mountains of Kohistan and Kaghan. The road to this soothing resort is in good condition and open most of the year. In peak winter its mountains are covered with snow. There is a church, post office, spacious cottages and a small bazar. Built in 19th century, this beautiful summer resort provides you a number of treks. Thandiani means ‘cool air’ in local dialect.
Sitting on the slopes of Mushkpuri Hills, Dungagali being a famous resort awaits visitors in summer. It becomes hub of tourists during summer seasons. Mushkpuri is the second highest hill in the Galyat (9400 ft.) A two hours trek to Ayubia starts from here and passes through beautiful Ayubia National Park. Popularly Known as “Pipeline walk”, visitors along with their families usually enjoy this long walk in summer.
Four small hill resorts close to one another, Khanspur, Khairagali, Changlagali and Ghora Dhaka are called Ayubia, named after a former President Ayub Khan who hailed from Haripur in then district Hazara. The small town is spread over an area of 26 km. The central hill station of Ghjora Dhaka has a chairlift, provided broad charming view of the surroundings. It is littered with hotels and food outlets serving snacks, food, tea and coffee along with other eatables.

Nathiagali provides you several treks taking you to every direction. Trekking amidst voices of enchanting birds adds to charm of this outdoor adventure. Pine forests and fragrance of beautiful flowers and plants during trekking arouses attraction of this place.

Nathiagali to Meranjani Hilltop = 3.5 kms
Meranjani to Dugr i= 10kms
Dugri to Berangali = 13 kms
Thandiani to Berangali= 10kms
Nathiagali to Mushkpuri Hilltop = 3 kms
Dungagali toAyubia = 4 kms
Ayubia to Changagali = 4kms

Popular Treks
Mushkpuri Trek
A three hours trek takes you to Mushkpuri Hilltop, the second highest hill in Galyat 9400 ft above sea level). Starting from Pines Hotel, Nathiagali the trek passes upward through lush green forests. Sweet fragrance of flowers on the way sets its romantic charm on the hikers mainly when rainy season is over. From here one trek goes down other side toward Dungagali unveiling beauties of Ayubia national Park downward. The trek to Mushkpuri top can also be taken from Dungagali.
Meranjani Trek
Mostly covered in dark clouds, Meranjani (9953 m above sea level) is the highest hill in Galyat range. Two treks lead to Meranjani hill top from Near the Governor House in Nathiagali, a British-built attractive building with its interior settings made up of wood.

One trek goes to Meranjani ascending towards the top passing through Namlimera village.

It is a safe but comparatively long and tortuous trek. The second takes you spirally up through low upward hills in the pine forest. This trek is a little steep suitable for youngsters

Above 12 years of age. Taking drinking water along is advisable in the absense of any water facility during the venture.

Dungagali Pipeline Or Ayubia National Park Trek
This two mile walkway is passing through pine forests covered mountains is really an enjoyable experience. The trek leads through the center of Ayubia Park starting at Dungagali and extends towards the Jehlum river across Ayubia and Khanspur boundaries.

A walk from Ayubia to Dungagali takes two and half an hour.

A number of villages exist here. The Ayubia Park has its own charm and attraction. Large varieties of beautiful birds, animals, plants adorn this green place. Hill cats can be spotted while brown monkey are a common scene. Yellow beaked magpie, red and yellow body finches, white cheeked or crested grey finch and many other species of birds make the park their home.

Dugri Trek
Commonly known as “home of Leopards” Dugri being a secluded mountain spot far away from road, is blessed with most dense pine forests in scenic Galyat. A 9 to 10 hour trekking takes you to Dugri from Picturesque Nathiagali. It can be reached through two treks. One trek on a longer walk takes you to Dugri rest house through Namlimera around the Merajani hill while the other, a shorter one goes to Meranjani hilltop trekking through the forest towards Dugri rest house. Starting walk at 0800 hours is advisable in day light.
It is also advised not to go outside the rest house after sunset. You can take along some cooked food. Tablets of fever, headache and digestive pills must be taken along.
Woolen garments, carved furniture of walnut wood, namda rugs, hand made straw baskets, caps are favorite items all over Hazara region.

Km Places Height (approximately)

0 Abbottabad 4145ft.
24 Mansehra 3220 ft.
30 Thandiani 8400 ft.
35 Nathiagali 8200 ft.

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