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Law Department is successfully doing its duties with
the best of its ability due to which a lot of legislation has been made through the Provincial Assembly. List of laws passed from 2000 to july, 2013 at Flag ďBĒ.

Provincial Ombudsman has been established by the Khyber Paktunkhwa Provincial Ombudsman Act, 2010 (Act XIV of 2010. See http://ombudsmankp.gov.pk/

Directorate of Human Rights has been established by Notification No.SO(O&M)/E&AD/2-15/2013, Dated 4th January,2013., which would facilitate, educate and assist the general public on all human rights issues and redress the grievances with respect to Human rights violation..

Moreover, Law Department is successfully playing its role and performing its duties regarding conducting the cases in courts filled by and against the Government in the lower judiciary to Apex court.

The office of Advocate General, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assists the High Courts/Supreme Courts of Pakistan in cases for or against the Government.

At district level Senior Government Pleaderís with the help of Government Pleaderís, Additional Government Pleaderís and Special Government Pleaderís are defending the civil cases against departments of the provincial Government.

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