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Welcome to Reform Implementation Cell, Office of Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The present government of Khyber Pakhthunkhwa came up with a unique vision of transforming societies and ultimately the province. These aspirations took a tangible form in the shape of the slogan of “New KP”. The vision which was shared initially by a single political party became a rallying cry of the masses when they endorsed the vision in the just concluded elections. The underlying and motivating principle of the new KP slogan is essentially “change from what was previously offered to them by the governments”. The mandate was for change in those sectors and aspects of the government which directly or indirectly affect the lives of the same people. Cognizant of the mandate and people’s expectations, the present government has embarked upon this path of change through reforms in the different sectors of government and governance. The government of KP has been endeavoring to use these sectoral reforms as a platform for transforming government from its current form to that of a facilitator and service provider to the public. It also wants to make the general public an equal part of the reform process. The government wants to ensure that the public feel themselves empowered and know what their rights are and where to go to seek these as well as hold accountable those who may not provide the same.

The priority sectors which have been earmarked for this change process are:

Public peace and security environment of the province

Local governments

Institution building

Education sector

Health sector


Youth development initiatives

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