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The importance of education cannot be stressed enough. Nations are built on its foundations and are destroyed due to lack of these. None of the initiatives can be expected to produce the desired results continuously unless these are implemented, under the assumption that future generations at the helm of affairs will have adequate knowledge and skills to not only ensure their continuance but also their perpetual improvement. Education is the bedrock on which all that state and a government can do has to be built, if success is an expectation. Realizing the importance of education, the present government has started the reformation process of the education sector by constituting working group for education Sector:


“ A progressive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with equal access to education to all”


•       Striving to achieve MDGs by 2018

•       Increase enrollment rates

-   Primary level to 100%

-  Elementary and Secondary by 50%

•       Revise and Update Curriculum at primary and secondary level

•       Reforming the service structure of teachers to ensure quality teaching standards

•       Promoting gender equality

•       Stakeholders-led management for schools and colleges

•       Establishment of robust M&E System

•       Enhancing the quality of education infrastructure, facilities and services.

               •       Initiate educational reforms at college and university level

Recommendations of the Working Group:

           The Working Group has finalized its recommendations in the following areas: 

          •       Curriculum, Syllabi, Text Books, Assessment and Teachers’ Training
          •      Governance in Education
          •      Access and Equity
         •      Adult Literacy and Skill Development
         •      Private Schools Sector