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Centres for Mentally Retarded and Physically Handicapped

In NWFP there are five Centres for Mentally Retarded and Physically Handicapped Children (MR&PH).


Name of Institute / School

Date of Estab:

No. of students existing

No. of Beneficiaries till 2002-03


Centre for Mentally Retarded & Phys: Handicapped Children Bannu.





Centre for Mentally Retarded & Phys: Handicapped Children Chitral.





Centre for mentally Retarded & Phys: Handicapped Children Mansehra.





Centre for Mentally Retarded & Phys: Handicapped Children Peshawar .





Centre for Mentally Retarded & Phys: Handicapped Children, Haripur








The Centres are aims to achieve the following objects

1. To utilize all efforts through Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy and Medical Aid to bring down (minimize) physical and Mental retardedness of the handicapped children to the optimum level thereby enabling them to have a respectable life in the society (community).

2. To enable Physically Handicapped Children to have their normal life and to educate them through Primary Education upto class 5 th , to get admission in normal Govt:/private schools in future.

3. To educate and train the Mentally Retarded children through individual

programming, to enable them to have a independent life in future rather then a burden on their parents, relatives and society.

4. In addition to the Primary Education and treatment, provide basic technical education to the children so that they could sustain self reliance and may not become burden on the Community.



Those children who are Physically Handicapped and are intelligent enough to pursue normal education and are able to compete for higher education in normal school will be provided opportunities for higher education.


Individual programming means that each disabled requires separate programming as per his disability. This is fact means that mental level of each mentally retarded is different than his fellow being. Therefore they need separate programming for their education and training. These Mentally Retarded Children could be divided on broader scale in three categories.

(a) Severely Retarded.

(b) Mild Retarded.

(c) Slow Learner.

(a) SEVERELY RETARDED: - These type of children need a program which may make themselves, aware of cleanliness so that they can keep themselves clean, do not wet their clothes, can tie their laces, wear and change their dresses. They are also trained to cross the road, know their names and can recognize their parents etc.

(b) MILD RETARDED:- These type of children are helped to learn alphabets and counting upto atleast 15. They are taught to read and write simple words. They are further helped to increase vocabulary by relating their studies with things and activities of their daily life.

(c) SLOW LEARNERS:- These kids have better performance ability then the above categories. Their education can go up to primary level. They are helped to read and write simple words, differentiate colors, shape, size and can solve simple puzzles etc.

Vocational Training

Following trade/skills are taught to the children in the Institute to enable them to become financially self supporting and can independently survive in the society. These trades and skills also help them for any kind of employment in any organization or Institute thus saving them from hazards of running of their jobs.

(a) Cutting & sewing.

(b) Embroidery ( Hand & Machine).

(c) Electronic.

(d) Chick making.

(e) Canning.

(f) Physiotherapy ( for the parents of disabled Children who are below me age of five years and can not be admitted in the Institute as a regular student):


(a) Medical Referral Cases

Disabled children are referred to Specialist Doctors in the city. They are generally Orthopedic Surgeons, Psychiatrist, ENT specialists and some time Eye Specialist. Children are provided Free Medicines and other Medical Aids as required. So far 50 Physically Handicapped children have been provided surgical treatment.

(b) Artificial limbs/calipers

To achieve maximum mobility in the children, the Institute provides them artificial limbs or calipers as per recommendation of the concerned specialists.

(c) Physiotherapy

Manual physiotherapy/Exercise has been recognized as most effective method. This treatment of Physiotherapy is a routine daily process through which hundreds of children are treated daily. Beside Manual Physiotherapy, the facility of Electric Physiotherapy is also being provided to the children to remove their physical defects

(d) Outdoor Patients

These Institutes are also providing Physiotherapy treatment to those children who are below the age of 5 years and can not be admitted in the Institute as regular students.


As most of these kids are poor and some times undernourished they are provided refreshment during their stay for the day long program and also trained in Table Manners.



Keeping in view the nature of the program the Government has provided free Pick and Drop facility from their homes to the Institutes. Appropriate points have been fixed to pick and drop the children which is one of the major head of expenditure and also a major step to facilitate the success of the project.

Uniforms and Books

As 90% of the students belong to poor family and can not afford the expenses of their uniform & books so they are provided uniform & books through donation & Grant in Aid from social welfare Department.

Tour & Educational Exchange Programmes

Traveling and exchange of visits have been termed to be most effective means in extra curricular activities to build the confidence in the children to move in the society which is also being provided by these Institutes. So for they have made several visits to Islamabad, Lahore, D.I.Khan, Quetta, Karachi and other beautiful places of the cities of Pakistan in connection to their educational visits.( this Kind of tours are specially useful for children who have Mentally abnormality).

Music Therapy

Music plays an important role for entertainment to Mentally Retarded and Physically Handicapped Children. These Institutes provide this entertainment through a Professional Musician regularly. A group of trained children in Music also participate in different official ceremonies like, Pakistan Day, Independent Day or some special events. These children also take part in TV and Radio Programs.


Sports plays an vital role in Physical and Mental Development. These Institutes have playgrounds where these children play Cricket, Football, Badminton, Crutches and Wheel Chairs Race etc. Children are also take part in indoor games, like Carom Board, Luddo and Jigsaw Puzzles.

Case Work/ Family Councilling

One of main feature of the Institutes is to maintain each individual's historical record in files, where in entire history of the concerned child covering the causes of the disability, treatment, periodical progress and social background of the family is recorded.