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Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts

The Social Welfare Department is concerned to focus on well being and uplift of the community and vulnerable groups in particular. It acts as a catalyst agent for achieving the goal of social stability in the society leading to create social climate conducive for socio economic development.

The Social Welfare Deptt provides Social Welfare & Rehabilitation services to the neglected, disadvantages, under privileged and exploited groups.

The drug addictions is a big menace in the country particularly in NWFP, and needs to be tackled on emergent basis by all concerned. Especially Peshawar has become a heaven for the Drug Addicts due to availability of heroine on cheaper prices. Efforts are required to be made to prevent drug addiction at community level. This will require close coordination and collaboration with other sectors. Such as Health & ANF (Anti Narcotics Force) and NGO in order to facilitate rounding up the addicts, their detoxification and finally to refer them to the Drug Addicts rehabilitation centre for care, religious therapy, rehabilitative training and follow up.

According to the National Survey on Drug Abuse 1993 there are more than 4 million chronic drug addicts in Pakistan while in NWFP the estimated No. of drug addicts is 0.6 million of whom 71% drug abuses are under 35 years of age. Almost 60% are literate and surprisingly a similar percentage was employed. In NWFP 20 years of Afghan turmoil have caused considerable distortions of Social Economical & Political system of the Country. Massive migration of Afghans to NWFP has resulted in the increase of heroin users particularly the young generation. At present no part of province is protected from the menace of addiction.

Therefore there is dire need of establishing some more centres for the rehabilitation of drug addicts in association with NGOs working in the relevant field.

Detoxification programme without rehabilitation services has very few success stories as relapse rate is very high. The new approach which has better chances of the rehabilitation of drug addicts and reducing relapse rate is to provide vocational training and job placement facilities along-with detoxification services.

Rehabilitation Centre For Drug Addicts, Peshawar

Department of Social Welfare in collaboration with an NGO namely DOST Welfare Foundation (DOST), was operating a "Rehabilitation Centre for Drug Addicts in Peshawar " since January 01, 2001 . The project aims was rehabilitation of 450 drug addicts in the initially approved period of 33 months. After completion of this period the department decides to operate this Centre by itself. In the current financial year 2004-05 Rs. 1.700 million are allocated for this project. 19 drug addicts are under rehabilitation process.


Establishment of Detoxification & Rehabilitation Centre at Peshawar on Emergency basis.

Since the inception of the new Government, Minister for Social Welfare, NWFP has shown great concern over the ever increasing problem of drug addiction partially in the Provincial capital Peshawar .

In this connection on 20-5-2003 , Social Welfare Department launched a crash programme of 30 beds detoxification and rehabilitation center for drug addicts on emergency basis out of the available funds of Provincial Social Welfare Council (PSWC) center on emergency basis at Govt. Institute for Blinds (M), Peshawar to overcome the problem. This center is running very successfully so far and it is now shifted to the Old Directorate of Social Welfare building located at Eid Gah Road .

New Centres

  Apart from above mentioned centres, there are six more centres one each at Swat, Dir Lower, Kohat, D.I.Khan, Haripur & Nowshehra are providing valuable services in rehabilitating drug addicts and returning them back to the society making them an active part of the economic / social machinery.

During 2003-04, more then 360 drug addicts have rehabilitated in this centers.