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Welfare Homes for Destitute Children
Quite a substantial portion of our population is economically deprived and socially incapacitated. They have reached a stage of social degradation which is not only detrimental to the interest of the individuals concerned but also constitute a social ailment in the society. This portion of population, if not attended well in time will generate number of social evils and social problems like beggary, Juvenile delinquency, drug addiction and child labour etc. The Social Welfare sector within its framework and function aims at providing social welfare services in general and to special groups in particular.

There is no specific reference to provision of institutional care and rehabilitation facilities for the socially economically handicapped and oppressed group i.e. Orphans/destitute and other mustahaqeen. It is felt that the socio-economic condition of the destitute and orphans can be improved by providing them formal education, Vocational and skills training to enable them to lead respectable life in the society.

At present there are five Welfare Homes functioning through out the Province each at Peshawar , Kohat, Abbottabad, Bannu & D.I.Khan, wherein a number of destitute/poor and other socially and economically handicapped children are rehabilitated annually. As such the destitute/orphans have becoming burden on social society. Through institutional care such children feel sense of belonging.

Objectives / Services

1. Formal Education

2. Vocational & Skills training

3. Institutional cum Residential care.

4. Free Books, Exercise Books & Medical care through referral services.

5. Free boarding and lodging

Functions /Objectives

i) To provide Institutional cum residential care to the destitute and homeless children.

ii) To provide formal Education, vocational and skill training to these destitute and homeless children to safeguard against child labour, drug addiction, beggary Juvenile delinquency etc.

Staff of each welfare Home comprises One Superintendent (B-17) alongwith ten other officials of various scales.