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Frontier Highways Authority

The Frontier Highways Authority was established on August 29, 2001 through NWFP Ordinance No. XIX of 2001. The basic idea of its creation was to Conceive, Plan, and Ensure the Construction, Improvement, Maintenance, and Repair of Provincial Highways and Roads. It will also undertake other communication projects as indicated by the Government of NWFP.

Initially Eight roads with a total Length of 1988 Km were given the status of Provincial Highways. Later on, some of the Provincial Highways were federalized and handed over to the NHA while some more roads were declared as Provincial Highways. Presently, FHA is custodian of 15 Provincial Highways with a total length of 2177 Kms.

  1. Prepare and Notify in the official gazette, list of Provincial Highways.
  2. Advise government on matters relating to Provincial Highways and other roads.
  3. Acquire any land in accordance with legal procedure.
  4. Prepare a master plan for the development, construction, operation and maintenance of Provincial Highways and Roads in the NWFP.
  5. Incur expenditure on acquisition of land and disposal of assets.
  6. Procure plant, machinery, instruments and materials required for its use.
  7. Levy, collect or cause to be collected tolls on Provincial Highways and other roads.
  8. Notify the right of way.
  9. Execute studies, surveys, experiments and technical research.
  10. Seek and obtain advice and assistance.
  11. Raise funds (local and foreign).
  12. Ensure mutation of land as soon as the land is taken over.
  13. Exercise power to award negotiated contracts for projects.

Provincial Highways

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