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EPA NWFP was established in 1989 under the administrative control of PP&H Department. Later on, in 1992, it was transferred to PE&D Department as an attached Department. Recently it has been placed under a newly established Environment Department. Till June 2003, EPA was working with a strength of 42 staff including only 8 persons with technical background. with the recruitment on 18 new position for Laboratory and zonal offices at Abbottabad, D.I. Khan and Malakand the total staff strength is now 60. Also 15 members of staff are working on Self-sustainable Vehicular Emission Testing Station (VETS)

   Functions of EPA (As per the Act 1997).

   Administer and implement the Act 1997, its rules and regulations
   Review of IEE/EIA, preparation of procedures and guidelines
   Preparation revision and enforcement of NEQS (Industries, Municipalities, Vehicular       emission)
   Establish & maintain laboratories, certification of laboratories for conducting "tests and       analysis"
   Assist local Councils/Authorities, Govt. Agencies in execution of projects
   Establish a system for surveys, monitoring, examination and inspection to combat       pollution
   Conduct training for Govt. functionaries & industrial management
   Provide information and education to the public on environmental issues
   Publish the Annual State of the Environment report. Survey & Qualitative & Quantitative       data on air,soil, water, industrial/Municipal & traffic emissions
   Take measures to promote environment related R&D activities